An electric bicycle is a common bicycle equipped with an electric motor in the rear wheel and a lithium battery, this evolution is aimed at facilitating the urban and rural trips,  this way it is able to ride in steap hills once the motor acts and makes the ascent by itself being able to ride the bicycle without using the pedals.

Regarding the battery, has the power of 250 Watts and storage capacity of 10.5 Ah which provides an autonomy of approximately 40 Kms.

The electric bike has the advantage of traveling long routes with the option of pedaling on flat surfaces and resting the legs using the motor for steap hills, in this way promotes the performance of physical exercise without great efforts.

The electric bicycle does not require a driving license or any type of license or insurance, the only restriction is related to the speed that can not exceed 25 km / hour.

Fun, simple to use and environmentally friendly!